Why is our world the way that it is? How did we end up here reading this screen right now? What is our purpose and where did we come from as a person and as a species? So many clues left behind and so many more that exist undiscovered. Where does it start and where does it end? History is the human attempt at preserving the stories that answer these questions. What kinds of stories? Who were the people? What were they like?

What was life like as an Egyptian Engineer? or in Japan to live by the sword as a Samurai? What was it like to drink rum, pockets stuffed with gold, as a Pirate?  Hunting for a scheduled feast with your brothers as an Indian?  Paddling the surf to new undiscovered lands as a Pacific Islander? Raiding the countryside as a Mongolian warrior? Chiseling Marble as a Roman sculptor?  This is our History. The history of the Earthlings.